Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big Rain

Last day of Feb and we've had enormous rain over the last few days. 6 inches in less than 48 hrs. Which is all well and good unless you are a care worker (homecare) and out in it all day. grrrrr!! Having visitors from QLD on Friday for a while and this rain is supposed to keep going for another week.Just about beside myself thinking about it. However, I guess it will all work out "in the wash" No pun intended there, tee! hee!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Shiny Happy People

Did this one for the song challenge over at Soul Scrappers, and won!! woo hoo!!

Leanne Jago's Physical challenge at Scrapboxx, to scrap about something that was/is a big deal to you. I scrapped a postcard sent to me from Dubbo Zoo by my grandkids a few years ago. I don't get to see them often as they live a fair distance from me, so this postcard was really special.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Did this one over at Miss Art's, It's a L.O. by the fabulously talented Julie Winks, you can discover all her work at Scrapboxx. That's
Is'nt it super gorgeous??
Link to Miss Art's
Just been doing a bit of bloghopping, woo hoo!! It's a lovely rainy day here, have done absoluteley nothing all day, and now feeling really guilty. However, have done some bloghopping as just stated and have not done that for yonks. Have changed the blog around a bit but waiting to see the guru (Miss Annette) to help me do a proper makeover.
My dear old Nan, ( in the lace) She passed away when I was about twelve, but I still nurture very fond memories of her. Sleepovers at her place, helping her cook .......I used to love brushing her beautiful white hair, it was so soft! She never washed it in anything but rainwater. She was the tiniest little thing, 4'11" tall, and Pop was over 6 feet, but she was definitely "the boss".

Nearly 17

Cant believe this boy will be 17 this year. My gorgeous grandson Brady

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Have not blogged in months, mainly due to lack of time, and a lot to do with lack of interest. My blog is sadly in need of a makeover, so, hopefully I will be able to do it properly and then get back on track.