Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miss Annette came to visit yesterday, she stayed overnight and we had a really great time, lots of laughs and "scrap" talk.I booked my tickets for the papercraft expo in June  and I am so excited!!! There are going to be a lot of girls from Scrapboxx there and just can't wait to meet them all. 


Dolly B said...

Yay good on you Cheryl you will have a fantastic time at the expo and that is awesome Miss Annette got to visit

Mary x

Annette Edmonds said...

Had such a fun time with you, now I know how close you are should do it more often, hugs and love xo
ps love the new pic

Cheryl said...

Tnx Mary, so looking forward to it now.I probably wont sleep for the next 2 months, but yay!! and so looking forward to meeting the other boxx girls

Cheryl said...

Pic is darn awful but best of a bad bunch.
P.S.You look ok!

Dolly B said...

It's a gorgeous pic, I like it! and love the new look blog. Love the red phone boxes, makes me want to go back to London