Monday, June 25, 2012

I have not blogged since the 28th of April, (very sad) but since then a lot has happened. Went to the Brisbane Scrapbooking Expo on the 8th of June for four lovely days and had an absolute ball!!
Met up with the super gorgeous Annette Edmonds, and the super lovely Kim Ewins from Orange. We all stayed at the Explorer's Inn in Brissie, about a twenty minute walk from the Convention Centre. Weather was just lovely, a cool 20 odd degrees every day.....ho hum, yawn..  etc. The expo was fantastic. So much scrapbooking loveliness, thought I was in Scrappers Paradise. Did 4 classes and they were all fantastic, learnt a lot from all the "Masters" who by the way, were all so down to earth, just ordinary people. Took me a while to overcome my awe.
I met up also with the gorgeous Jo Tritton from Mudgee, and was great to spend a bit of time with her on Sunday arvo.
We had two great nights out, dining outdoors (so to speak) Myself, Annette, Kim and Jo on the forst night and the second night was full on, meeting old and new friends from Scrapboxx. What a fantastic night!!
Nearly missedc my plane back to Canberra on the Monday and had to be rushe from the back of the line to the front as my plane was actually boarding as I walked into the terminal, going through security I was told to go back as I had my hairspray in my carry on bag, due to lack of room in my other luggage because of all the scrapping goodies I accumulated over the weekend. I was so embarrassed! Felt like a criminal tee hee!!
Anyway, over and out for now, hoo roo! and T.F.L.

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