Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Back today with a couple of posts......Yes!! a couple.... Try to stay conscious long enough to have a little peep.
First up is a layout for the Archiscraps BlogSpot
This was the pic Julene chose for us to take inspiration from

The  curvy nature of the bridge and the serpents head at the end prompted me to scrap a pic of a very unwanted visitor to our shed a few years as we were both sitting there waiting for carpet in the house to dry. I  never in a million years thought I would scrap this pic but here it is.
Next up is a pyramid card I made for Eve Rae over at Funky Flairs Studio and featuring a few of her Christmas flairs

Thanks for popping in!!
Cheryl xx


Helen Wallace said...

You had the perfect photo for the curvy lines of the inspo photo. Snake o'clock indeed! Yikes. I'm not a big fan myself! Love the teepee card in the traditional colours. You're cooking with gas Cheryl...thanks for the inspiration :D

Cheryl Obrien said...

Thanks Helen x

Dolly B said...

Well you know what I think of snakes. But a fab layout and a great take on the challenge. Love the pyramid card
Mary x