Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Had an unwanted guest in the shed at lunchtime, we were sitting there waiting for the carpets to dry after being cleaned, Sally being the ever vigilant watch dog that she is started going beserk and looking up at the roof. Looked up myself and found myself looking a brown snake practically in the eye. Have never moved to fast in all my life!! A quick call to our local snake man had everything sorted and the little blighter was removed. Ian was telling us that today being a cooler day is why they are out and about as believe it or not, snakes hate the extreme heat as much as we do. I will NEVER!! complain about 40+ degrees ever again.A huge thankyou to Ian Hoy


Dolly B said...

OMG God Bless Sally, I would have you know what myself, my fear..... Snakes..... HATE them PS I hope you reward Sally with something lovely for dinner tonight

Cheryl said...

She's been totally spoilt all afternoon Mary.